Our Story

Family Owned since 2010

Jamie & Janice Law, the owners of Terrawoods Log Structures, would like to share our story of how we started in the log structure industry. 

Our Journey began in 2010 when we  purchased a resort of our own. The Resort had a number of old outdated cottages, we did many, many repairs and upgrades to the cottages, this was ongoing year after year, until we realized the constant repairs and upgrades did not make financial sense.  We recognized the need to replace them instead and began searching for solutions that were affordable, aesthetically pleasing and great quality.

That’s when we discovered the benefits of the EZlog system..  After extensive research and consideration, we decided to replace our old cottages using the EZlog system.  We quickly knew this was the right choice for our  needs in multiple ways.

The advantages that this decision brought us were significant.  Not only did we improve the look and feel of our resort, but we were able to attract more customers and increase our revenue, as a result the return on our investment was expeditious.  Last but not least our guests loved the look and feel of the log Cottages, which helped elevate their overall experience, it gave them a true Northern feel on our beautiful lakes in a modern log cottage with all the modern conveniences.

In addition, when it came time to sell our resort, the fact that we had Terrawoods Log Structure Cottages on our property, it played a significant role in attracting a number of potential buyers.  They recognized the value that these structures added to our resort.

Lakeside Exterior Log Cabin

Our overwhelming positive experience with the Log structures inspired us to start our own business, we wanted to share what we had discovered so we opened “Terrawoods Log Structures Inc”.

We are pleased to say Terrawoods Log Structures Inc is the official supplier as a regional distributor for Ezlog Structures. We are also the official supplier for the “Camping In Ontario Association”. 

We understand the value that Terrawoods Log Structures can bring to a business or personal property. If you’re looking for affordable aesthetically appealing and high quality log structures, we invite you to explore our range of products and services.  We are confident that you will be impressed by what we have to offer. 

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