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Our Story

Jamie & Janice Law, the owners of Terrawoods Log Structures, would like to share our story of how we started in the log structure industry.  Our Journey began in 2010 when we  purchased a resort of our own. The Resort had a number of old outdated cottages, we did many, many repairs and upgrades to the cottages, this was ongoing year after year, until we realized the constant repairs and upgrades did not make financial sense.  We recognized the need to replace them instead and began searching for solutions that were affordable, aesthetically pleasing and great quality.

That’s when we discovered the benefits of the EZlog system..  After extensive research and consideration, we decided to replace our old cottages using the EZlog system.  We quickly knew this was the right choice for our  needs in multiple ways.

Ontario, Canada

Natural all wood buildings

An unmatched selection of unique interlocking building kits ideal for beautiful backyard living spaces, recreational cabins and affordable year-round homes.

Energy Efficient

Combine thermal mass of our solid wall logs with insulation to achieve exceptional heating and cooling benefits.


Apply studs to the interior, insulate and cover the studs with wood tongue & groove boards to create an all wood interior and exterior.


Apply studs to the exterior, insulate and cover the studs with a finish of choice, wood, composite board, vinyl siding, or even stucco.

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